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There are more than 500 companies that are registered on Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX). There are only a few companies that can be categorized as the best dividend stocks. The dividend is the amount of money the company pays to its shareholders from its profit (either quarterly or yearly). All companies are not obliged to give dividends to their shareholders that’s why long-term stockholders try to choose to buy those securities that provide dividends along with the capital gain (increase in the price of share with time). In this blog, we will share the list of the best dividend stocks that provide dividends to their shareholders on a timely basis. We will share some data from the PSX Data Portal.

Best Dividend Stocks in Pakistan Stock Exchange

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Where to look for dividend-paying stocks

PSX has recently launched the PSXDIV20 index. It consists of the top 20 dividend-paying companies with a consistent dividend announcement history. The list of companies in the PSXDIV20 dividend Index is available on the Pakistan Stock Exchange Data Portal. The list of the companies in the PSXDIV20 index change from time to time depending upon the metrics set by the PSX.

Best Dividend stocks in Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX).

Following are the 20 companies from the PSXDIV20 index that have announced dividends consistently.

S. No.Company CodeCompany Name
 1APLAttock Petroleum Ltd.
 2BAFLBank Alfalah Ltd.
 3BAHLBank Al-Habib Ltd.
 4EFERTEngro Fertilizers Ltd.
 5EPCLEngro Polymer & Chemicals Ltd.
 6EPQLEngro Powergen Qadirpur Ltd.
 7FFCFauji Fertilizer Co. Ltd.
 8HMBHabib Metropolitan Bank Ltd.
 9ISLInternational Steels Ltd.
 10KAPCOKot Addu Power Company Ltd.
 11MCBMCB Bank Ltd.
 12NCLNishat (Chunia) Ltd.
 13POLPakistan Oilfields Ltd.
 14UBLUnited Bank Ltd.
 15HUBCThe Hub Power Company Limited
 16LPLLalpir Power Limited
 17FABLFaysal Bank Limited
 18LOTCHEMLotte Chemical Pakistan Limited
 19NPLNishat Power Limited
 20DOLDescon Oxychem Limited
Note: Companies listed in this table is updated by PSX regularly. This list is taken on the date: 04/August/2023.
Source: PSX Data Portal

The usefulness of the PSXDIV20 Index

The PSXDIV20 index made it easy for investors to find out dividend-yielding stocks in Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX).

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The purpose of this blog is to educate investors about dividend-paying stocks in Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX). The above list does not provide information for any forecast or future investments of any kind. All the companies listed in PSX have the right to their dividends. Any company listed in the PSX is not obliged to give dividends to its shareholders. RT Securities does not hold any responsibility for any decision taken by anyone based on the information on this page. The information in this blog is based on the data available on the PSX Data portal.


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