RT Securities is registered under the Companies Ordinance 1984. RT Securities (Private) Limited is a reputable TREC Holder (K-183) of Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited. RT Securities hold a Security Broker license from the Security Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP). Our esteemed team of sponsors brings extensive experience of more than 40 years in the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX).

Our Vision

Our vision is centered around uplifting the economy of the common man by generating capital through stock investments in Pakistan stock exchange. RT Securities is dedicated to contribute to the growth of the Pakistan Stock Exchange while adhering to compliance standards and ethics in our dealings with clients.

Our Mission

RT Securities mission is to build the instill confidence and trust of Pakistani citizens in the financial markets of Pakistan. We aim to protect the interests of investors and foster growth opportunities for our valued clients. We always embrace professionalism, innovation, and technology. RT Securities is committed to delivering exceptional services to its investors and creating a positive impact in the industry.

Our Values

RT Securities is committed to promote the best practices of investments and upholding the highest principles of professionalism and integrity. We take pride in providing personalized financial services to our valued clients, ensuring that they feel confident and trustworthiness.

We warmly welcome our clients to visit our office, as they are not a disruption to our work but an integral part of their investment journey. We deeply appreciate our clients for entrusting us with the opportunity to serve proactively. Our motive is to serve our clients and assist them by achieving their investment objectives.

Investor Education | Free Pakistan Stock Exchange training

RT Securities believes that the education of the investor is an integral part of the investment journey. In Pakistan, people are usually not aware of the financial markets, especially Pakistan Stock Exchange. RT Securities provides free online Pakistan Stock Exchange training sessions to educate the clients before getting into the PSX investment. 

Board of Directors

Mr. Aamir  Ali Khan | CEO

Aamir Ali Khan, our Chief Executive/Director, is not only the Promoter but also the driving force behind our company’s success. With an MBA degree and CA training from Ford Rhodes Robson Morrow, he brings a lot of knowledge and expertise to his role. Since joining our company in 2015, he has been diligently overseeing the day-to-day affairs and providing strategic guidance to the board of directors.

Executive Director | Mr. Mohammad Ali Tumbi

Mohammad Ali Tumbi, the Executive Director of RT Securities, brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise. He holds a Master’s degree in Business Entrepreneurship & Technology from the University of Waterloo and a BBA in Accounting from the University of Toronto. Mr. Tumbi is not only a Sponsor/Executive Director but also a Promoter of our company. He has over 18 years of experience in the various financial markets, his guidance has played a crucial role in our growth and development.

Mr. Tumbi possesses in-depth knowledge of Pakistan’s Stock Market, gained through his active participation in various committees at the Pakistan Stock Exchange and his partnership with several companies. His extensive experience in international markets enables him to effectively navigate through market directions. Despite his whole-hearted dedication to business affairs, he also recognizes his responsibilities in the realm of Corporate Social Responsibility, actively participating in various philanthropic activities.

Director | Mahmood Rafi Khan

Mahmood Rafi Khan, our Director, is a highly accomplished senior Chartered Accountant based in Karachi. With years of experience in the stock market, Mr. Khan serves as a valuable member of our team. Prior to joining RT Securities, he held the position of CFO in leading multinational companies, accumulating vast experience spanning over four decades in finance, taxation, and company-related matters.

Mr Rafi’s expertise extends to the intricacies of managing industrial and commercial companies, as well as navigating import and export regulations. He possesses a deep understanding of banking and monetary policies in the country. He is well-versed in the regulatory framework of the corporate sector.

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