Our Board of Directors

Aamir Ali Khan (Chief Executive/Director)

Mr. Aamir Ali Khan is the Promoter as well as the CEO of our Company. He holds a degree MBA and has also completed CA training from Ford Rhodes Robson Morrow.  He has been associated with our company since 2015 and looking after the day-to-day affairs of the Company.

Mohammad Ali Tumbi (Executive Director)

Mr. Mohammad Ali Tumbi holds a Master’s degree in Business Entrepreneurship & Technology from the University of Waterloo and a BBA in Accounting from the University of Toronto. Mr. Tumbi is a Sponsor/Executive Director and also the Promoter of our Company. He has experience of more than 18 years in the field of financial markets. His involvement and guidance have been instrumental in the growth and development of the company.

He possesses good knowledge about the intricacies of Pakistan’s Stock Market. As a member of several committees at the Pakistan Stock Exchange, director, and partner in several companies, he has been a key player in bringing the overall growth of the company. His vast experience in international markets, helps him to effectively gauge bear market directions. In spite of his whole-hearted devotion to business affairs, he is not oblivious to his responsibilities in the field of Corporate Social Responsibly and takes an active part in philanthropic activities.

Mahmood Rafi Khan (Director)

Mr. Mahmood Rafi Khan, F.C.A. is a senior Chartered Accountant from Karachi. He is the Director of RTSL, and has experience of several years in the stock market. Prior to this, he has worked as CFO of leading multi-national companies and has vast experience of over four decades in finance, taxation, and company matters.

He is well exposed to the intricacies of the management of industrial and commercial companies and of import and export regulations. He has a deep insight into the banking and monetary policies of the country and the regulatory framework of the corporate sector. He takes a keen interest in reviewing legal matters and agreements between parties and international organizations.